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Baby Exercise Time

Time to get these babies up and moving! We had some Love Without Boundaries volunteers visit the cleft healing home, and while they were there they did a baby exercise class of sorts! Thank you to Arlene, Maire, Julie and Helen for demonstrating the benefits of tummy time, practice sitting up and playing with toys. As our babies all come to us from orphanages, they are developmentally behind, which is to be expected. A little side benefit (which is really NOT so little after all) of being in our foster home is that these babies will get a chance to catch up on some of their motor skills. In the few weeks that they have been with us, I can already see a difference in their strength. More babies are holding their heads steadily, reaching for toys and even holding their heads off the floor.

Come on, you can do it!

This is a different view of the world!

See he can lift his head!

Now this one is REALLY advanced!

Keep practicing guys! We want to see you crawling!

Sandi Glass
Cleft Healing Home Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries
“Every Child Counts”

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