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Baby Griffin

In early July, an orphanage in Anhui called us for help. They had just received an abandoned three-week old baby boy who was malnourished, dehydrated, and had a seriously bloated abdomen. Afraid that he might have an intestinal obstruction, we rushed him to the hospital. Doctors discovered that he had necrotizing entercolitis, or NEC, a life-threatening condition which often affects premature infants.

In babies with NEC, bacteria invade the wall of their intestines and can ultimately destroy it if not treated.  Griffin immediately began to receive antibiotics as well as IV nutrition as he was unable to take any milk. Doctors were concerned that he might need surgery.

Happily, this has not been the case so far. Griffin has continued to gain weight and strength due to the wonderful medical care he is receiving in the hospital.

Unfortunately, his intestinal infection is taking longer than expected to cure, but doctors feel he is doing very well.  He has filled out quite a bit and is now looking quite pink and healthy!

Because Griffin will need to remain in the hospital longer than we had originally anticipated, we are working to raise additional funds to help pay for his medical care.

Hopefully it won’t be much longer before he can be safely discharged to our healing home, where our nannies can love on him and give him the cuddles he has been missing during his time in the hospital!

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