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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It’s that time of year again in China when the temperatures are beginning to drop and children need a thick, cozy coat to keep them warm.


Many orphanages, homes, and schools in China do not have central heating, which means that people often wear their winter coats throughout the day, all through the winter months.  It is so important for every child to have a good quality winter coat that will keep them protected until spring comes again — and even more essential for children in our programs who have medical special needs and are more prone to pneumonia.

The arrival of cooler temperatures means that it’s time for LWB’s “Coats for Kids” campaign. Our Special Projects program is raising funds to purchase warm new coats and thermal clothing for orphaned and impoverished children in China, including children in LWB programs like our Unity Initiative, Cleft Outreach and other Special Projects.

Faith coat

Often the children who come to us through our Unity Initiative Program are from very impoverished areas, and their families struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis. It is our hope to provide a winter coat and warm set of clothing to every child upon discharge from the hospital. This will not only help the child recover from their surgery by staying warm, but it will also relieve the family of one worry by providing clothing and a coat.

Ben with new coat

Our Cleft Outreach program provides cleft repair surgeries for children throughout China. Our hope is to be able to offer warm clothing or coats to any of these children in need of them. This fund would allow us to be able to make that offer to these children’s families.


Our China staff frequently receives requests for coats or thermal clothing from an orphanage or impoverished area where LWB works. Being able to immediately respond to these requests by having funds on hand would be a great blessing.

A new coat costs $18, but donations in any amount to our Coats for Kids program are greatly appreciated.


Knowing that you helped keep a child in need warm this winter might just warm your heart as well!

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