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Baby Joanna, Tiny Warrior

Yesterday we shared A Year with Val, a story about a ten-month-old girl who came into our care in January of 2016 and has since graduated to foster care after a year of struggles and surgeries. Today we want to share the story of another girl whose story is quite different — yet just as inspiring.

In October, we received a call from an orphanage. They had just received a baby girl who had been abandoned with a rare condition in which her intestines and liver were outside her body. Thankfully in her case, her organs were still covered by a thin transparent sac.  This is considered a medical emergency when it occurs here in the US, and it’s truly a miracle that baby Joanna survived as long as she did.

We rushed her to the hospital for immediate surgery.

Doctors watched her carefully because she had such a large hole in her abdomen, but she showed her strength and in true warrior fashion, came off the ventilator without any issues. After a little more careful monitoring by doctors, Joanna was able to be discharged to our healing home!

Joanna quickly made herself at home with our nannies. With her happy and engaging personality, she was very easy to care for!

Joanna surprised all of us by just how quickly she regained her full health, and we are so happy to let you know that in December, Joanna was chosen for domestic adoption!

We could not be more thrilled for this beautiful little warrior will grow up with a family in the land of her birth. Surely she will bring a lifetime of happiness to her very lucky family.

Thank you to everyone who supports our healing program, as you allow babies like Joanna to have the brightest future possible.

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