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Baby Na Update


Little Na is now stabilized, and we are so happy for her!!!!  She was admitted to the hospital weighing only 1.2 kg (less than 3 pounds). She is being fed very small amounts of formula 12 times a day and is also receiving IV fluids. Her bilirubin level is a little high; so she is under phototherapy (blue lights).  This will help her break down the jaundice in her skin.  It is very normal for small, new babies to become jaundiced. A little phototherapy works wonders for this and helps decrease the jaundice. She is wearing a mask across her eyes to protect them from the phototherapy lights.


Little Na is such a fighter. Thank you so much to all of the generous sponsors that have helped her receive medical attention quickly.  She is still hospitalized and receiving care. If any of our readers would like to help us with her care, they can go to our website and help sponsor her.



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