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Baby Niles: A Unity Fund Success Story

In late June, we were asked to help a seven-month-old baby from rural Anhui province named Niles. Niles was born with a congenital heart defect and had suffered from recurring pneumonia his entire life.

Doctors recommended that Niles have heart surgery, but his family was unable to afford the steep cost.

Thankfully, Niles’ family learned about our Unity Fund, designed to help impoverished families remain together through medical crises by helping to pay for a portion of their child’s surgery and medical care. These families have often exhausted every avenue of financial help, borrowing from family, friends, and neighbors in an attempt to raise money for their child’s treatment. In desperation, some families have even sold all of their possessions. Through the Unity Fund, LWB partners with the family and the hospital in a three-way partnership of healing.

We quickly moved Niles to a top cardiac hospital in Hefei so that he could have the surgery he desperately needed.

Despite suffering from some low fevers following his surgery, Niles recovered like a champ.

We are happy to report that he has been discharged from the hospital and is now home with his family!

Word is spreading about our Unity Fund, and this July we have been deluged with requests for help from families. Many of these children’s medical costs remain unfunded. In order for us to continue to help babies like Niles, we need help sharing the news about kids who are waiting for surgery.

Please consider making a donation to one of these children to give them a real chance for healing…and hope for the future!


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