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Baby, They’re All Fireworks!

Talk about Independence Day! We have amazing news to share about the Secondary and Higher Education program in Hunan. We are so proud to announce that all seven of our high school graduates passed their final exam this year with flying colors. Our students are shining brighter than fireworks! How wonderful to see their efforts at independence pay off in such a big way.

Before we highlight these sparkling stars, let us fill you in on just how much effort it takes to do well.  The exam, called the Gaokao, is considered by many to be the most challenging in the world. The all-important results determine which university students can get into, so pressure on students is very high, and the study time required is extreme.

So without further ado, here are our beautiful sparklers:


Tommy has been a part of our program since 2011. He is a hard worker and very smart, always dazzling us with his English. Tommy performed very well on his Gaokao and will be able to attend the top universities in China! We are proud of you, Tommy!


Hugh has also been with us since 2011. He is best friends with Tommy, and they have encouraged one another in their studies for many years now. Hugh puts a lot of pressure on himself and has to work extra hard to achieve his goals. He did very well on his Gaokao, and we are thrilled for him. His hard work has paid off!

Tracy and her father

Tracy joined our program in 2011. She comes from a poor family who needed our help in order to send her to high school. Tracy has worked diligently throughout her high school career and has achieved the highest score of our students on her Gaokao this year! Her score was good enough to get her into the top universities in China.  Way to go, Tracy — we are proud of you!


Wendy joined our program in 2011. We have enjoyed her so much. Her letters to her sponsors are always long and wonderful! We have loved watching her grow and learn. Wendy performed very well on her Gaokao and will also be applying to universities soon. Congratulations, Wendy!


Lydia is a singer and pianist. She joined us in 2011 and has been studying very hard ever since. She has written to her sponsors on many occasions for advice on how to perform her music even better. She is supported only by her mother and has developed quite a connection to her sponsors; she is so appreciative of them. Lydia did very well on her Gaokao, and we are super proud of her!


Lucy, sweet Lucy, is following her brother Lucas, a former LWB student, in completing her high school career and also doing very well on her Gaokao! What a gift for their family to have two children complete high school and attend university.  Lucy has overcome many personal obstacles in her years with LWB, and we are very proud of her and her accomplishment. She is a determined young lady, and we know she will do well in life. Congratulations, Lucy!

Xavier with his grandma

Xavier has been with us since 2011. He is good friends with Tommy and Hugh. They have all supported one another these past years. We are proud of him for doing well on his Gaokao. He was really feeling the pressure this year and had a hard time seeing it through to the finish….but, he did! We are proud of him for working so hard.

Thank you to our sponsors for being such a big part of these children’s success. They could not have accomplished their goals without your support. You have helped changed the world!

We are absolutely in awe of what these kids have achieved.  Please join us in celebrating the class of 2013 this Independence Day.

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