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Baby Wang

Monday and Tuesday this week was a blur for a little 2 month old baby from Henan named Wang. This baby had a spinal tumor that broke open on Monday morning. Because neurosurgery is so specialized, and because we have a wonderful neurosurgeon in Shanghai, we knew we need to try to get him there immediately. Through the coordinated efforts of many people, Wang was on a flight to Shanghai Monday night.
Arrangements were made to have this child fly on a China Eastern flight from Zhengzhou to Shanghai. Once they were in the air, one of the flight attendants noticed this baby and the caregiver. She thought it was the baby’s grandmother, and she asked the caregiver how her grandson was doing. She noticed that the caregiver was having a hard time understanding her, because of the difference in dialect, so the passengers around her helped to translate for her. From their conversation, the attendant learned that this child was an orphan and was on his way to Shanghai for emergency surgery. The attendant was a new mom herself, and she was so touched by this baby’s story. She told the caregiver that she would be happy to help change diapers and give the baby a bottle to help out, but in her heart she still felt like she wanted to do more. So she went into the cockpit and told the pilots about this little boy and his story. One of the pilots, who was also a parent, thought they should all do something to help. He asked the flight crew to donate for baby Wang’s surgery, and then he broadcasted over the flight system about this child being on the plane! The pilot asked everyone to send their good wishes to this little boy so that he could have a successful surgery. When the passengers heard this announcement, they started to donate funds as well.
In all, over 2300 rmb was raised on that flight! Isn’t that such a wonderful story?
In Shanghai, the wonderful group of LWB volunteers there went into action and put out a plea for assistance for the baby. The nanny and baby Wang were picked up from the airport by private van, checked into the hospital, and then Wang was examined by the ER doctor. This group of volunteers also started a collection of their own for his surgery and were able to completely finish paying for his care.
Tuesday morning, Wang was thoroughly examined by Dr. Bao, the neurosurgeon, and we were told that he was quite severe. His surgery was scheduled for that very afternoon, and we all were so thrilled to get the wonderful news that his surgery was a complete success! The spinal tumor didn’t involve any of his nerves, so he will now be totally healed. In addition, Dr. Bao said that without the wonderful team of people who pulled off the transfer so quickly, he would have been in serious danger. This child received surgery, several provinces away, a little over 24 hours from when we first heard about his emergency. We couldn’t have done this without the wonderful support from his orphanage, our facilitators, the volunteers in Shanghai, and the very giving people who helped along the way. How grateful we are that this child was surrounded by the love and generosity of so many great people.

Please keep this child in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal!

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