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Baby Xia

****   At the end of July, I received an email from one of our foster care coordinators, saying she was worried about a new baby in her program. A little boy named Xia was four months old and was having a terrible problem with upset stomach and diarrhea. At four months he only weighed 4.5 kg (under ten pounds). He had actually become so dehydrated that he had to go into the hospital for a few days. 


Our coordinator’s “Mommy Instincts” had her wondering if it could be something as simple as a milk allergy. So we were able to order in some Isomil; just a couple of cans to see if soy formula might make a difference for this little boy.


After only about ten days, our local manager emailed to let us know that Xia was doing so much better and the Isomil had done the trick! What a relief that we could find something so simple to help this little boy. We just ordered two big cases of Isomil, which should last another six months. Hooray for easy fixes!!!



Jan Champoux 

Nutrition Director




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