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Baby Yue goes home

Sweet little Yue, our first baby funded through our new Unity Fund, was discharged from Anhui Children’s Hospital this week, and she is doing beautifully!   Her parents are from the rural countryside of Fuyang, and they could not afford her life saving heart surgery.   In fact, they were feeling like the only way they could save the life of their child was to leave her at an orphanage.  We are SO GRATEFUL to everyone who donated to our new fund, which allowed her to be healed and to go home with the mother and father who love her.    What a difference you have made to this family, and they express their most sincere thanks for giving the gift of life to their baby girl.

Thanks to everyone who posted about our new medical fund on their blogs and websites.  We had hundreds of entries for our Unity Fund contest, and the winners were picked this weekend!   Thank you Donna B, Jenny G, and Mike M for spreading the news that we really do have a way to help prevent a child from being orphaned.   We will be contacting you soon to get your prizes to you!


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