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Back to School

As summer draws to a close, many of us are busy preparing to send our little ones off to school, some of them for the first time. We take our supply list provided by the school and fill our carts with notebooks and pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes, glue and scissors, and a wide variety of other supplies. Then, on another day, once we’ve had time to recover, we schlep back out to mall for the back-to-school sales and spend hours waiting outside dressing rooms for our kids to choose the perfect wardrobe. This year my oldest daughter and I were debating over one of the clothing choices she made and I was so proud of her when she told me, “I have my own fashion sense, and that’s good enough for me.” Brava! She got the outfit she was wanting, even though the colors clashed.

Unfortunately, there are far too many children in this world who have no one to shop with them before school. Many can’t even go to school, either because they have a medical condition which prevents them from attending public school, or because their families cannot afford school fees.

Right now on our website we have lots of children who need your help so that they can go to school in September. We have preschoolers who have never attended school before, older children with special needs that prevent them from attending public school, high school students who hope to return for their third year of high school, and college students whose educations may be interrupted if sponsors cannot be found for them.

Please take the time to visit the education page on our website. Maybe you will be drawn to one of our littlest scholars, or perhaps to an older child with a medical condition, or even to a college student who wants to become a teacher one day. And remember that a donation in ANY amount will be such a blessing to the children. A college student can attend school if they receive one $1300 scholarship, or 13 $100 scholarships, or 130 $10 scholarships!

Thank you to all of our incredible donors who helped to educate almost 300 children in China last year. Let’s see if we can educate even more this year!

Angela Taylor,
on behalf of the education team

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