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Back To School Shopping To Help Kids in Need

August has arrived, and many students in the United States head back to school soon! If you do any back to school shopping online, please remember that you can help children in need with just an extra click.

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Love Without Boundaries is grateful to be a charity partner of amazon.com! As back to school shopping kicks into high gear, we wanted to provide a brief summary of ways that the dollars you spend through Amazon can go towards helping kids without parents able to buy them back to school supplies.

1)      For the maximum donation amount to be given to the kids, you can first go our website at www.lovewithoutboundaries.com and then click on the amazon logo at the bottom of the page. There is special coding written into that link which will take you to amazon and which will give a percentage of what you buy to LWB to help children in need. Normally we are given 4-6% of anything you purchase, at no extra cost to you. Common questions we are asked include:

  • Will I get a notice that the donation was made to LWB?   No, you won’t get a notice when you complete your purchase, but LWB gets quarterly donations from amazon, and those can really add up!
  • Is there a way to know that I actually am shopping to help LWB?  Yes, when you click the link on the bottom of our webpage, you will be directed to amazon and see “ lovewithoutbo”  in the URL address when you first arrive.  That means orphaned children will benefit from anything you purchase on that visit.


2)      You can also have 4-5%  amount given to LWB by using this URL when going to amazon: www.lwblovesamazon.com. We bought this URL as a second way for people to hopefully remember that they can impact children when shopping.  And yes, we are all guilty of forgetting to enter the amazon site one of these two ways, but then after we hit “purchase” we are always sad when we realize we missed out on getting additional funding to the kids!  We purchased the above URL, which is set with the correct coding for LWB to receive a bonus, as a second way to remind people that there is a way to help others while they shop.


3)      Amazon has a charity program called AmazonSmile, which will allow you to set a charity to be the recipient of a percentage of anything you purchase. You can register there and choose LWB as your charity of choice.  We get lots of questions about this program, and we agree it can be the easiest way, as you often will get a reminder when you head straight to amazon to shop.  However, we do want to point out that if you choose this option, LWB will only get a tiny percentage of what you purchase:  0.5% of eligible purchases versus the higher percentage of 4-6% if you use option 1 or 2 above.

So to recap, let’s say you are planning to buy a backpack online for $100 – and you want to help orphaned children.   You can:

1)      Go to www.lovewithoutboundaries.com, click on the amazon link at the bottom of that page, and we will be given a donation averaging around $5.

2)      Go to www.lwblovesamazon.com and start shopping, and we will also be given a donation of around $5.

3)      Go to smile.amazon.com and choose LWB as your charity of choice, and then when you buy the DVD player, we would be given 50 cents.

4)      Go straight to amazon.com and purchase your item, and then the kids get zero.

Obviously, we like options 1, 2 and 3 better!

We hope this helps you understand the amazon program better, and thank you for taking the few extra seconds to make a difference to kids while you shop!

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  • Marianne says:

    Isn´t there a International link to amazon?
    How to do when you buy on amazon.co.uk?

    Thank you!
    Marianne, Sweden