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Back to School Time

In China, the public schools will begin in exactly 6 days!  Unlike students in the US, students in China do not find out about acceptance to school until shortly before the first day of school.  We did not think we could top the recent announcement of 11 of our Mama’s Wish students being accepted to medical school, but our kids are talented (if I do say so myself)!  Beginning next week, we will have our very first dental student in Kaifeng.  An exceptional student, Teng is preparing for his orientation with new shoes and a haircut (just a trim).
As if that wasn’t enough, in Lu’an 9 of our toddlers have been accepted into kindergarten!  These children will leave their foster families each day as they attend their local public schools.

Congratulations kids, we wish you a very happy beginning to the school year!

Missy Ridley

Education Director
Love Without Boundaries


‘Changing the Lives of Orphaned and Impoverished Children in China’

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