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Baoji Babies

Happy Anniversary!

Last year on Thanksgiving Day, one of our directors in China was able to visit the Baoji orphanage in Shaanxi Province, which was requesting help with their formula purchases. We were able to start a nutrition program there, and have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the director and aunties since that time. I was so pleased this week to receive our latest quarterly update…a HUGE batch of new photographs for their one-year anniversary, plus a description of each and every child, compliments of the aunties. It is so nice to hear a little bit about the personalities of the children, this absolutely made my day! The staff there was so kind to take the time to do this! Here are a few of the comments:

“T is a naughty boy but he is so happy and always makes other people laugh.”
“C is a smart boy and he likes to explore everything he can find.”
“Y loves to read picture books and he is very good at imitation. He brings so much fun for everyone.”
“Q is a happy girl. She is a very good eater. She is healthy and strong now.”
“N is a strong-willed, bossy girl. She always grabs the toys from the hands of other kids.”
“Y is a smart little girl with pretty eyes. All the people like her!”
“K loves to be cuddled and he likes colorful toys. He always smiles!”

Happy Anniversary to the Baoji Babies!

Jan Champoux, Nutrition Director

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  • LOL – I wonder if that “N” is my girl?! 🙂 She is indeed a strong-willed bossy girl from Baoji! Likely just a coincidence but I love seeing the faces of these happy Baoji babies 🙂