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Beautiful Faces

LWB is often contacted by orphanage groups who wish to start programs in their children’s hometowns. We are only able to do this when we can guarantee that regional monitors are in place to have good accountability, in order to follow the children and make sure that progress is being made. Before we begin any program, we send our facilitators to make site visits.

Before the visits, these new cities to LWB are just place names, but after the visits….everything changes. No longer is it just an orphanage name on paper or in an email. It all becomes “real” as we study faces, memorize names, and begin to learn the stories of the beautiful children living there.

Recently one of our facilitators made a visit to the Sichuan province, as we consider beginning a new nutrition program there. We know you will enjoy seeing the faces of some of the children as much as we did.

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