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Beautiful Nancy

In early 2009, Nancy came into our hands as a tiny newborn baby with cleft lip. Her orphanage had called us for help when she wasn’t gaining weight properly, and we quickly moved her to our Anhui Healing Home, where she weighed in at a whopping 2 kgs. on intake day!


Our nannies patiently got to work feeding and caring for her, and within a few months she had more than doubled her weight. That is when her sweet personality began to emerge. One of our favorite quotes from her special nanny said, “When she smiles, she smiles gently…just like the ripples on a peaceful lake caused by a falling tree leaf.”

Soon Nancy was ready for her important cleft lip surgery, which she came through with flying colors, although we think you would agree that she was probably pretty happy to get rid of the metal bands they use after surgery in Anhui.


After recovering from her operation, Nancy graduated to LWB foster care in her hometown. Her foster parents continually told us how curious she was about everything around her. They also told us that she was a bundle of energy who wanted to keep playing even when everyone else had fallen asleep in the night. Her foster brother Ifan and foster sister Elin have had lots of fun playing with her.


Over the last few years we have watched Nancy go from being a tiny baby to a confident and sweet little girl. Now at age five, one of her favorite things is to accompany her foster mom on her shopping trips. She has an ulterior motive, however, because she knows just where the snack counter is at the grocery store, and she likes to steer mom in that direction! She also loves necklaces and having her fingernails painted — all special little girl things that come from the gift of being raised in a family versus an institution.

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We have heard the wonderful news that Nancy has now been chosen for adoption! That is our hope for every orphaned baby who comes into our hands. We don’t know the family and so we are not sure how much longer this sweet little girl will be in our care, but this month we are giving thanks that we have been allowed to love and care for her until her permanent family can bring her home.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make her life-changing journey possible. Her next exciting chapter is about to begin!

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