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Beautiful Yi

There is one of the most beautiful little baby boys from Henan at SCMC right now. His name is Yi and he is 9 months old. On Monday, he received surgery for spina bifida. I just LOVED the report we received from the hospital after surgery. It said that his surgery was “short and easy” and his surgery was a compete success. We are also happy to hear that he hardly cries at all is doing so well the last couple of days.

Every time we receive an update, we hear how chubby he is. How wonderful to hear this! This child is in one of our foster care programs and is loved by his foster mom. Because he is so healthy, he will heal quickly. In addition, his foster mother will be able to give him really good care post-surgery.

On one of his last foster care reports, our monitor reported how much he loved his glasses. He spent quite a bit of time staring at him. This little boy is very active, smart, and fond of laughing.

I always think about the children we are able to help from our foster care programs. The care these children get by their foster care mothers is outstanding. When we can heal a child and then give them the very best care, I know that they will have a great chance of finding a family in addition to successfully healing them.

Our goal in the coming year will be to try to help more and more children in this way, giving them the very best start on life.

Karen Maunu

Medical Director

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