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Becca’s Bag

With the fall fashion season right around the corner, we can’t help but notice that Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Coach have a firm hold on the designer luggage market. However, there is a new carry-on bag on the scene that has been getting a lot of attention. With only 50 of these bags in production, “exclusive” is the word that best describes these bags. Designed to hold all the essentials that a baby on the go could use, we think these will soon be THE bag to have for fall: The LWB TRAVEL BAG.

Who is this that I see as a lucky, proud owner of the LWB bag? Why it is little Becca, the newest child to enter LWB foster care, sassily waving to the crowds while sporting her new bag casually on her shoulder.

Cruising the aisles in her four-wheeled steel taxi looking for treats, the LWB bag also looks stylish strategically placed at the bottom of the cart for all to see–logo side up of course.

And if all that shopping wears you out going from store to store, feel free to let your fans (foster grandma) carry your bag for you.

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