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Beginning Foster Care in Uganda

All of us at LWB believe so strongly that every child deserves to experience life in a family, so today we’re excited to share more about our new foster care program in Uganda.

LWB has a long history of running foster care in China and then more recently in Cambodia, so we were eager to bring this expertise to Uganda and help provide children with family-based care.

Traditionally, many families in Africa have readily provided informal fostering for relatives’ children or people close to them, but providing full-time foster care to a child whose parents and background are unknown is a very new concept to many in Uganda.

Thanks to our Ugandan partners’ tireless work educating the local community and finding loving families, over the past six months we have been able to place three little boys from the Mukono Baby Room into safe and caring homes. Two more children will soon move into foster families as well.

The first child to enter foster care was little Ian, and he is absolutely thriving. In March, he moved from the Mukono Baby Room to live with his new family. He was naturally a little unsure about them at first as he missed his nannies.

Now, Ian loves his foster siblings, who are the grandchildren of his foster mother, and they dote on him as the youngest in the family.

Ian’s photos each month show bigger and bigger smiles- it is clear that life with his new family is truly delightful.

Two-year-old Hayden took a little longer than Ian to bond with his foster family, but he now appears much more secure with them. They report that he has adapted very well to family life.

When our staff recently visited Hayden (seen here in the middle), he was given some change to buy a small treat at the local shop and he eagerly called for his siblings to take him to the store, wanting to share the special experience with them. We are so glad he gets to experience these small joys of family life.

Another little boy doing very well in his foster home is Evan, seen below in stripes. As the youngest in the family, he calls himself “Mum’s baby”.

Evan is a very active little boy, so he is so thrilled to have an older brother who will play soccer with him all day long. His mom and siblings are helping him with his schoolwork and with helping him manage some of his energy throughout the day.

With the establishment of foster care in Uganda, LWB’s goal of replicating our very successful healing program for orphaned and abandoned children is one step closer. In China, for example, orphanages call us when they receive sick or fragile children, who are then cared for in one of our healing homes until they can safely move out into the local communities in foster care. This has both reduced mortality for vulnerable children while increasing positive outcomes such as healthy attachment and meeting childhood milestones.

This is our goal for Uganda as well, to see the Mukono Baby Room become a real healing center, where malnourished or neglected babies can come for immediate medical intervention, and then once healed they can move into family care in the community. It’s a model of healing with proven success.

We’d love to have your help with this exciting new family care project in Uganda. Foster care sponsors are needed and will receive regular updates on their sponsored child. If you’d like to support any of these wonderful children, please visit our foster care sponsorship page.

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