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Believe in Me III

In 2006, Believe in Me III was just a dream. Thankfully, the dream became a reality this week and currently 67 children ranging in age from 2 ½ to 17 years old are going to benefit from that dream! Over a year ago, a group of LWB volunteers and families who have adopted from the Anhui orphanage had this seed of an idea to start a school at the orphanage. There were so many potential obstacles, but thankfully everything fell into place and that seed grew!

Believe in Me III actually consists of three parts: Montessori-style preschool, kindergarten-prep, and tutoring.

When presented with the idea of providing educational classes, the orphanage generously provided three of the rooms to use for Believe in Me III. To prepare the rooms, a group from Shanghai came to the orphanage this summer and painted the most adorable murals on the classroom and hallway walls. What did the children think when they saw the wonderful art on what used to be very plain block wall? They loved it!

This summer teachers were also hired and trained, and now classes have begun! Before BIM III, the children who could not attend public school did not have much to keep them occupied but that has changed! Can you just imagine the wheels turning in the preschoolers little heads as they learn through play? In kindergarten-prep, the children are getting prepared to attend public school next year or the year following so it has to be exciting for them as well. This is a more typical Chinese-style classroom for the children at the orphanage. This is a full-day for them so I bet they will be very tired after dinner! For the children who attend public school, the tutoring will help ensure that they can keep up with the curriculum like the other children attending from the city who have parents to encourage them. Our tutor is studying computer science at the nearby college so maybe we can even introduce computers to the older children…who knows!

There are still children waiting for a special sponsor to cover their educational costs. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or donating to a program, please let me know. Sponsorship for a child to participate in BIM III is only $20 USD a month.

I have to remember that every step will be a baby step with BIM III but I am just so overjoyed with the orphanage and Civil Affairs for allowing us to be a part of these children’s lives. Stay tuned as the project seed turned plant grows and bears lots of beautiful flowers!

Sandy Hartman
BIM III Coordinator

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