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Believe in Me III

Believe In Me III is Love Without Boundaries newest school in Anhui Province. BIM III has several classes including tutoring classes for orphans that attend public school, as well as Kindergarten-Prep for those students who will attend public kindergarten next fall. Two LWB volunteers visited this new school just last week. They were delighted with the students willingness to learn! Here’s what Sandy Hartman, Coordinator for the school has had to say:

“We have visited the programs and there is so much to report. First, we met a tutoring class. Those wonderful students are so excited to participate in tutoring. They literally run to class, throw down their book bags, pull out their pencil boxes, and get ready to study. It was so much fun to see the pure joy on their faces and their eagerness to study.

After visiting with the older tutored students, we joined the Kindergarten-Prep class. Like the older kids, these children clearly enjoyed participating in the class. They were very proud to recite some traditional Chinese poems and songs to us with lots of energy and spirit. Today the children were learning different pinyin and they were thrilled to display what they knew!

The Believe in Me III pre-school class was also amazingly enthusiastic. This morning we arrived during exercises and I think the youngest children were even louder than the kindergarten-prep children! They were so proud to demonstrate their exercises. The older children were also thrilled to display their drawings.

Our school monitor tells us that the children have changed so much since starting the programs. She said they cannot wait to arrive at school. These programs are definitely making a measured and positive difference in their lives! Thank you to every person who has supported this school with good thoughts and the funds to make it happen.”

Sandy Hartman, Coordinator for BIM III

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