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Believe in Me IV – Hubei

Such wonderful things are happening at Believe In Me IV in Hubei. With the help of two wonderful sponsors, we have been able to send one of our students who is deaf to a highly respected school for the deaf in her home city. This girl was so excited to finally be able to participate in school activities. LWB hopes that next she will have hearing tests to see if she can benefit from hearing aids. Also this month, the LWB medical team helped coordinate cleft lip surgery for one of the students as well.

Recently the teachers of our school in Hubei traveled to Changde, Hunan for a special training session on education. While they were away, a wonderfully talented little birdie came in and brightened up the school room walls. If you look at the picture with the tree, you’ll see the students’ handprints on the leaves. The artist is also going to incorporate the students’ pictures into the mural. The kids were very excited to see the art and were pleased to have a part in decorating their room.

The students are doing so well in school. They are learning so much; how to recognize their written names, shapes, and colors, and how to count. The teachers have been spending a lot of time helping them better their small and large motor skills. They have been practicing stringing beads, stacking cubes, and playing soccer.

All of their successes are because of the wonderful sponsors who care enough to make a difference. Thank you!

Heather Hough

BIM IV Coordinator

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