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Believe In Me (Shantou)

Yvonne, LWB’s in-China Director of Education, recently made a visit to the Shantou Believe in Me School in Guangdong Province. It certainly didn’t take the children long to begin enjoying the picture books and basketballs she brought with her.

While she was there, the school also received several boxes of supplies the teachers had requested last semester. The preschoolers were, of course, immediately drawn to the plastic crawl-through tunnel and new toys.

Yvonne and Bao, LWB’s Guangdong Province Manager, work so hard every day to ensure that each child is valued and cared for. Their love for the children is evident in every action they take.
We would like to thank all of our monthly Shantou sponsors as well as our education donors for making all of this possible. Your faithful giving allows these children to learn and grow every day. And now they are having even more fun while receiving the priceless gift of education.

Karen McGinty,

LWB Education Coordinator

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