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“Believe in me,” she asks.

Believe in me, she asks.
Believe that I am special.
Believe how much my friends mean to me.
Believe how helpful I am to my teachers.
Believe how much a family’s care could enable me.
Believe that I can work hard at school.
Believe that you can help me with my homework.
Believe how much I enjoy singing.
Believe that I am kind hearted and gentle.
Believe that I am a hard worker.
Believe that the time I spent in an orphanage does not determine the rest of my life.
Believe that I can be silly.
Believe that I can also be serious.
Believe that I can become whatever I dream.
Believe in me, she asks.

This precious little girl is Flora from our Believe in Me School in Huainan. She has just turned ten and has been waiting for a long time for her forever family to find her. ¬†While she waits, she attends public school while also receiving tutoring and music classes from BIM — Huainan. ¬† Flora is developing creativity, problem solving, critical thinking skills as well as learning how to contribute to society.

As much as we love hearing Flora’s teachers brag about how hard she works at school, we are most looking forward to when we hear these proud words from her family. We believe in our hearts that Flora will be someone’s daughter soon and ask you to help us to spread the word. For more information about Flora, contact our adoption advocacy team at adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com. Please help us to spread the word about this hopeful girl…so she can hopefully find her family soon!

Meg Gallson is the Fuyang Foster Care Assistant Coordinator and Associate Director of Adoption Advocacy. She is a social worker who lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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