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Believe In Me Too

Believe in Me Too

Today we visited the site of the Believe in Me Too School, at the ChangDe SWI. We were greeted with the children in their classrooms going over their morning lessons. Then we quickly disrupted their entire day as we were blowing bubbles, handing out stickers and bags of Kix. It is amazing how you can make a child smile with a bag of Kix.

What was amazing was the change in the children. They were bright attentive and so pleased to show us their room and what they could do. They were singing songs and showing us how smart they are. One comment that we heard over and over was that the children now listen. They are well behaved and are paying attention in class. They want to learn and so enjoy their classes. This is just music to our ears.

Whenever you visit an orphanage, there are children that just capture your heart. There is no shortage of this at ChangDe. There were 2 children that we just had to see, and even those of us who had never been to ChangDe before knew the children in a second. First, we ran into “the Assistant”. You must remember him from last year. He was a featured player on our blog. What a sweet little boy. He was there shaking hands and making us all feel at home. His smile was truly contagious. At one point he took my hand and lead me to the second classroom, that had become much quieter. He pulled out a chair for me, put his right next to me. He then sat down and pointed to my bag of Kix. He wanted to have a snack in quiet. We sat there for a few minutes eating Kix and holding hands at times. When his friends would wander into the room, he would make sure that they too were given a supply of Kix.

We were so pleased to see “Rocky” when we arrived. He was in a cozy coupe just tearing around the place. Such a big and beautiful smile. He was very pleased to receive his own bag of Kix and was kind enough to share it with one of his younger classmates. “Rocky” is just amazing. He gets around so well and is able to keep up with the other children so well. He loved giving hugs. You really just want to scoop him up and hug the stuffing out of this precious child.

The children in Believe in Me Too are just thriving. They are smiling, learning, being creative and just generally doing so very well. None of this would have been possible without the fantastic sponsors of the Believe in Me Program. Because of you we are able to allow these children to have such wonderful experiences. In just a short year, we have been able to clearly see the changes in the lives of these children. Just imagine what the future can bring.

Pam Moore – Education

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