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Belle: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Belle is a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program. At 11 years old, Belle has a lofty goal. She plans to achieve top ranking in her class this semester. She decided on this goal after dropping from first ranked to second ranked last semester. Whether first or second ranked, we are proud of Belle.


Belle’s school days are packed full of activities. She begins each day with a morning jog with her teacher and classmates. She is studying English, Mandarin, politics, history, geography, and biology. In addition she participates in music, arts, and physical education classes. Although she is not a big fan of geography, she really enjoys physical education class.


Belle insists on completing all of her homework before the end of every day. She thinks this habit, as well as only allowing herself five days of rest each month, will help her achieve her goal of returning to the top ranking in her class. In the little free time she does enjoy, Belle loves to read fantasy and legend books. She also relaxes during Saturday night movie time with her teacher and classmates. On her five monthly rest days, she sleeps until she wakes without an alarm.

She often helps her mother, whom she misses dearly while at school, with household chores, and they play badminton together. Sometimes Belle spends her rest days reading or listening to music while correcting her school work!


Belle prefers the colors red and pink and likes to dress in them. She has a good sense of humor. Sometimes she wishes she could live in the city instead of the country. But, Belle’s strongest wishes are to reach her academic goal and to travel the world “with my mom so that she can forget all the troubles and live a happy life.”

We are in need of sponsors to support Belle in her schooling. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos on Belle’s progress. Your one-time donation in any amount, or your  sponsorship of $20 per month, will help this determined young lady pursue her goals.

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