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Ben, a Budding Artist

When Ben first started in LWB’s Huainan Tuition Assistance Program, he would anxiously remind his foster mother, “Don’t forget to pick me up,” when dropped off at the local public school. However Ben quickly found his place in school, a place where he explores a new passion:  art.

Education Success Stories - Nov. 2012

After following the teacher’s instructions on constructing a butterfly, the outcome was so beautiful that the butterflies were tied onto the hair of his girl classmates. Ben good-naturedly declined a butterfly for his short hair because “he’s a boy,” although his butterflies were worn proudly on his shirts. Like a true budding artist, Ben likes to paint what inspires him. When the outcome is a bit abstract, Ben happily explains his vision to his teacher.

The public school experience has opened up Ben’s world. Each day he arrives appearing neat and tidy. Ben’s tidy presence extends to his respect for orderliness in the classroom. If his classmates are late, he’ll go round them up so the class can begin. Ben wants class to begin because he loves all the activities offered.

Education Success Stories - Nov. 2012

Ben might still remind his foster mother to pick him up after school, but it is not because he doesn’t want to be in school. Ben, like so many of the children who begin in LWB’s Education Programs, has quickly established trust in the teachers, his classmates, and in learning. Tuition assistance, generously provided by our supporters, allows more children to discover a place in a learning environment, just as Ben has.

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