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Ben, Shannon and John are home!

We are very happy to announce that Ben, Shannon and John have all returned to the cleft home after their surgeries and are doing very well.

John was the first to receive surgery, on May 8th. Everything went well, although the nannies say he was very fussy after surgery. I know everyone’s happy to have him back at the cleft home, and I’m sure he’s much more comfortable there than at the hospital.

“What? Me? Fussy? NEVER!”

Shannon had an extended stay in the hospital, as she was admitted early to receive treatment for bronchitis. With a few antibiotics, she was ready for action! She received surgery on May 10th, and is now happy to be back at the cleft home.

Shannon shows off her new haircut and new smile
(well…maybe not quite a smile, but you get the idea!)

Ben certainly is happy to be home!
Look at that beautiful new smile.


Ben received surgery on May 12th and also had a smooth recovery at ACH.

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