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Benjamin: Grumpy No More!

Born in the late fall of 2014 in northern Anhui, Benjamin soon joined our Heartbridge Healing Home for extra love and care to prepare for cleft surgery.

He was a beautiful baby with the crabbiest set of eyebrows, and LWB volunteers loved to see new pictures of “Grumpy Benjamin” in our email inboxes each week.

Benjamin spent the winter getting chubby and healthy before his surgery. In March 2015, we caught a glimpse of a smile behind the tape as he waited his turn at cleft repair.

Later that month, Benjamin had his surgery and soon graduated from our Healing Home to our Xiaoxian Foster Care program. He joined an absolutely amazing foster family and was soon smiling from ear to ear.

Our Nutrition and Foster Care sponsors enabled Benjamin to experience the love and security of being part of a family.  While living in foster care, Benjamin learned how to ride a bike, played with the foster family’s daughter, Lani, and his other foster siblings. and attended school.

He was 100% a part of the family and enjoyed family vacations together with them.

Benjamin had his first cleft palate repair in January 2018. Through his surgery and recovery, his foster mother never left his side. She remained devoted to him even after our Xiaoxian Foster Care program transitioned to On-Site Family Care in the spring of this year. She traveled with him to Hefei for his palate revision surgery in June and helped nurse him back to health in the hospital.

Recently we received the BEST news: Benjamin was chosen for domestic adoption and has joined his permanent family! We have no doubt that the love poured into him by his devoted foster mother will serve him well as he starts life with his new family.

We would like to thank everyone who walked along with Benjamin on his journey of hope and healing Since he was born nearly five years ago, Benjamin has been lovingly supported by sponsors from many of our LWB programs in China. From his Heartbridge sponsors when he was an infant, to our Medical sponsors that sponsored his cleft repairs, to our Nutrition sponsors that made sure he always had a full belly, and to our Foster Care and On-Site Family care sponsors in Xiaoxian, a community of caring people has banded together to give this precious boy the best start possible. 

Here’s to a wonderful and happy life for Benjamin!

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