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Best Buddies

Today we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the ‘best buddies’ pairs from our Believe in Me orphanage schools as they play and learn together. Forming friendships is an important part of development for all children. For children growing up in an orphanage without a family, friends are a crucial source of support and connection. We are so grateful that our Believe in Me schools foster safe and supportive environments for these friendships to flourish.

Best Friends Noelle Mia

In Shaoguan, Noelle and Mia are frequently seen in pictures together– such as on field trips (above),

BestFriends Noelle Mia 2

doing classroom activities,

BestFriends Noelle Mia 3

and even driving places together!

Another sweet friend pair in Shaoguan is Harriet and Alex. Both are working on developing their verbal skills, but from their pictures, it is clear that their connection needs few words.

BestFriends Harriet Alex

Best Friends Harriet Alex2

They apparently even love to share the same seat during classroom activities!

Best Friends Harriet Alex 3

In Changzhi, Juan and Garbine are best buddies, with Juan taking on a ‘big brother’ role to Garbine. How sweetly he’s holding her hand here!

Best Friends Juan Garbine

Another sweet Changzhi pair is Isaac and Guillermo. These two sure look like they get up to a lot of fun together!

Best Friends Isaac Guillermo2

Best Friends Isaac Guillermo

In Jinjiang, Sammy and Joseph are rarely seen in photos without each other! They were recently able to move to a special needs class that is now administrated by the orphanage. We are so glad that they were able to transition to this class together, as they clearly love learning and playing together.

Best Friends Sammy Joseph

Best Friends Sammy Joseph2

We are so grateful that these children are able to form these friendships. Interacting with friends is not only fun, but it provides a valuable space in which to problem solve, develop empathy, help to control their emotions and improve their communication skills.

Best Friends Sammy Joseph3

Beset Friends Sammy Joseph

Our ultimate hope for these children is that they will be able to be adopted by loving families. In the meantime, however, we are grateful that they have found connection and acceptance with each other in the safe and supportive Believe in Me school environment.

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