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Beth, The Smile Bearer

In fall of 2016, Beth arrived at the Mukono Baby Room¬†severely malnourished. At one year old, she weighed just 15 pounds. We can’t show you her¬†photo here, but we will share that her ribs were clearly visible.

Thankfully, Beth has overcome her sad beginnings and has happily settled into life at the Mukono Baby Room. In our earlier blog, we mentioned that the nannies are experts at caring for malnourished babies. They fed Beth a mixture of quality formula and IV nutrition. She is now a healthy weight and seems to be glowing with happiness.

The nannies call Beth “The Smile Bearer” and say that she smiles from her heart. Isn’t that lovely?

This past month, Beth contracted malaria, which is fairly common in Uganda this time of year. She became quite dehydrated, but the staff has experience dealing with this issue and helped her regain her good health. Beth’s happy spirit was not at all dampened by her illness, and she even bore no ill will towards the staff at the medical clinic who cared for her.

Beth often sings and laughs to herself, even during naptime. She is so full of life and gets along well with all of the other children at the healing home.

Our goal for Beth is reunification with her biological family, and the staff at Mukono Baby Room is working to make that possible. In the meantime, Smile-Bearer Beth could use an additional sponsor to help support her nutrition and care in the Mukono Baby Room. We know that many of us could use photos and reports in our inbox of this little one who truly smiles from her heart!

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