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Bethany: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Bethany is a lively and outgoing child who was born with a complex heart defect. She is full of “why” questions; when our hospital manager Selina visited her, she asked, “Why are you taking my picture?” and “Why are you here to visit me?” She captured the heart of Selina, and ours too, with her sweet smile and curious personality.

Bethany’s foster mother called every day while she was in the hospital to check on her, and Bethany asked, “When am I coming home?” The doctors have determined from her heart catheterization that she is a good candidate for the Glenn procedure and partial single ventricle repair, but over $15,000 is still needed to fund her surgery. We need your help to answer the question that we know is coming: “When can I have my heart healed?”

Your donation in any amount will help us answer Bethany with a resounding “Now!”

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