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Bibs and No-Nos Needed

In just three months, a team of experienced medical professionals and volunteers will be heading to China for our 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange. Waiting for them there will be dozens of children, along with their caregivers and families, waiting for the opportunity to have life-changing cleft repair surgery.

CME 2016 candidate2

As anyone whose child has had surgery knows, recovery can be a difficult time for both the child and their concerned caregiver.


We would like to provide something extra special for the cleft patients that will certainly come in useful even beyond their recovery — gently-used no-nos and new handmade bibs.


No-nos are restraints that are put on the children’s arms after surgery to prevent them from touching their mouth and possibly disrupting the repair.  They are used after surgery and continue to for several weeks while their lip repair heals.


In addition to the gently-used no-nos, we would be very grateful for donations of handmade bibs. The children’s caregivers are always excited to lovingly choose the ones that they feel best suit their charge. Everyone seems to appreciate the love and care that go into a handmade bib, and it makes a special and useful souvenir of their time with us.

Theo 4-19-12


If you enjoy sewing and would like to donate a little piece of yourself to brighten the life of a child undergoing surgery, please consider participating in our Bibs Project.  Many free patterns can be found on the internet for anyone new to bib-making. We recommend using terrycloth or flannel to make the bibs extra absorbent, and Velcro makes getting them on and off a little easier. Colorful bibs are best because in China, white is associated with death in Asian cultures and is not used for babies.

handmade bibs

Our deadline for receiving the no-nos and bibs is April 1, 2016. For more information about this project, contact Kate Finco at [email protected].

CME2016 candidate1

On behalf of the children preparing for surgery, we thank you for your donations!

If you would consider including a donation along with the bibs and/or hats that could be used for formula or cereal for the babies, we would be grateful.  Even $5 or $10 can help feed a child while they are in the hospital!

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