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Bicycles for Guizhou Children: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

Over the last two years, LWB has done more and more work in rural Guizhou Province. A recent project provided new coats for the children at the Weng’An orphanage. We are so happy that we were able to give the children coats to help them keep warm this winter.

Some LWB staff will be visiting these children at the Weng’An orphanage in April. There are only 19 children: one baby and 18 older children. The orphanage is in a small mountain town and has not received outside assistance before. We are starting a special project to buy new bicycles for the children in the orphanage, as it is a long walk to and from school each day. There is another orphanage in southeast Guizhou that we have been asked to help as well. We would love to be able to deliver a new bike to every school-aged child at both orphanages during our upcoming trip.

Above is a photo of the bikes we are wanting to purchase. They are a good brand. Donations received will be used to purchase a bicycle, a basket to carry books, and a bike lock. The cost for these items is $75. Our goal is to purchase 38 new bikes… 18 for Weng’An and 20 more for the orphanage in southeast Guizhou. The total cost will be nearly $3,000. Please consider funding a bicycle or even part of a bicycle! Your donation in any amount will provide tangible help to the children at these two orphanages, making it possible for them to get to and from school more easily.

We know these beautiful kids will be so excited. Having your own bike is a big deal for every child. We can’t wait to see these orphaned children’s happy faces when they receive new bikes of their own!

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