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“Big Brother” Blake

A group of volunteers were visiting an orphanage in May when they met a sweet, almost seven-year-old boy who was having difficulty breathing as well as noticeable clubbing of the fingers & toes. When these volunteers inquired about him, they were told that his heart condition was quite severe and inoperable. They reached out to LWB’s Medical director to see if there was any way to help this bright boy, whom they named Blake. By the first week in July, Blake had arrived at the hospital for testing so the doctors could determine exactly what was going on with his heart. He was naturally scared at the beginning, but it didn’t take long for his sunny personality to shine!

Blake’s ever-present smile!

Fortunately, the doctors determined that Blake’s condition was operable, and he had life-saving surgery on July 22nd. Within a few days, his energy level increased and he quickly became the “big brother” to all of the heart babies arriving.

Watching over little Mildred

Blake was healthy enough to be cleared for discharge on August 10th. He touched everyone so much during his hospitalization that he was given a little going away party by the staff and parents of the other patients!

Blake with his good-bye goodies

It has been a little over a month since Blake returned to the orphanage, and he is doing great! He can now run with his friends and often helps the nannies take care of the younger children.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping Blake have a chance at life!

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