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Big Brother Fynn

Five-year-old Fynn, whom we featured here in December, is still waiting for his forever family.  While he waits, he is learning all about how to be a big brother and part of a family, as part of LWB’s Shantou Foster Care Program.

Fynn is a very loving brother to Felicity, his little foster sister, and enjoys being a role model.  Here he is patiently helping Felicity learn to crawl by placing a treat just out of reach.

Fynn lives a varied and interesting life with his foster mother and gets plenty of time with his foster grandma, too.  Some days he visits with cousins, and almost every afternoon he goes out to help his foster mom run errands.  As a family, they love playing hide-and-seek and other games together.

Fynn really enjoys playing on his own in the sand box, but recently he has discovered that he LOVES playing with other kids.  He even started showing a bit of independence by visiting a next door neighbor on his own, which made his foster parents proud.

Fynn is a sweet boy who likes getting along and wants to please those around him.  Fynn’s foster mom describes his personality as calm and lovely, and sometimes a little bit shy.  Recently she has noticed Fynn feeling confident enough to use his words to express his feelings and stand up for himself with the kids he plays with.   How wonderful to see him learn these real life skills!  We think Fynn is ready to fit right in and be a great son when his forever family finds him.

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