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Big-Hearted Adam

With the recent and continued changes in the Waiting Child program and the continued expansion of the multi-agency shared list, I sit here wondering how so many of these children are going to be spotted and found by their forever families.

Take four-year old Adam, for example. We’ve met him before on this blog in May 2009. He’s overcome several medical challenges in his four short years, so he appears to be a “difficult case” on paper. But when I see his reports come in, I watch him growing and thriving, developing a strong intellect and a big heart for those younger than him. I know there is so much more to him than he might appear to be in his file. And now, this child – who has a corrected club foot and has endured surgery for spina bifida – can walk! He’s such a hard worker. He needs to find his forever family. So I sit here and think, “How can I help?”

Adam during his club foot casting in Guilin.

Perhaps I can help simply by spreading the word. Perhaps his family will see this little face and know that he belongs with them. Giving each child a face and a personality may be the best form of advocacy. So let me help Adam by telling you a little bit more about him.

Adam loves the ball pit. He sits in it and sorts the balls by color! If his nanny says, “You’re a boy,” he quickly replies, “No, I’m a big brother.” He watches over the younger children and at bedtime, he lies in his bed singing to them all! What a wonderful little boy.

Adam caught the attention of two of our volunteers, Julie Flynn Coleman and Arlene Howard, when they were in China several years ago. He bounced in his walker and thumped his rattle in his foster home when they visited him and attempted to sing to him. Julie recalls that day vividly: “The boy who that day looked me in the eye and showed me he had a reason to live …. a vitality ready to be touched and nurtured, not a broken body to be forgotten.”

Adam enjoying the trampoline.

Can you help us spread the word about our wonderful, big-hearted Adam? Anyone wanting more information can contact us at [email protected] I can’t wait for his forever family to spot him and find out what a blessing he really is.

Melissa Widenhofer lives with her husband and three children in Maryland. Her youngest child was adopted from Hunan, China in 2005. She is honored to be able to serve the children still waiting through LWB.

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  • BlessedRUs says:


    We’re very interested in this little guy! My husband has hydrocephalus, so that doesn’t scare us. His other special needs seem to be working out.

    Our funds are depleted from our last adoption (5 months ago), so we’re praying the Lord will provide us with the money to adopt again.

    I only wish there were no expenses involved in adopting…….

  • Kelly Rumbaugh says:

    I have a daughter with these exact special needs….who also has the same spunk and vitality.
    Everyone who meets her falls in love with her sweet personality and energy. PLEASE someone take a chance on Adam. I am available to speak with you if you have any questions about spina bifida or club foot. kelly dot rumbaugh at gmail dot com.