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Big Strides for Isaac

Isaac was almost three years old when coming into LWB’s Changzhi Foster Care Program, but he couldn’t stand or walk alone.

Isaac FC Shanxi34

He could stand if he leaned against the sofa or bed, but he was unable to crawl or squat or bend over to pick up toys.  When evaluated he was distraught, afraid and unsure of himself. Even when his foster mother put a cup of snacks in front of him, he had great difficulty to bend down and pick them up, despite how much he wanted the snacks. If his foster brother got close to him and his snacks, he would get angry and yell at him. He understood everything that was said to him, and it was clear that he was a smart little boy who had never been given the opportunity to do so many things that most children learn at a much earlier age.

Isaac’s foster mother and granny were shown the activities they needed to do to help him get stronger. They soon had him practicing walking around while in a baby walker, which gave him a sense of security.

Isaac FC Shanxi2

They helped him learn to squat and get back up, first by holding on to the wall and then on his own. He progressed to standing on his own while leaning against a door or wall and then taking a few unsteady steps into a foster mom or granny’s arms.


They encouraged him with imitation games and songs, and soon he was climbing on hands and feet up the stairs.

We loved seeing his genuine, proud smile as he began to catch up on developmental milestones.


After six months in loving foster care, we received photos of Isaac squatting down and picking up cereal boxes. He was walking on his own, carrying boxes, and playing with his foster brother. His foster family is very proud of his hard work, and we are very grateful to them as they provided Isaac the right amount of encouragement and stimulation to help him accomplish so much in just six months. They have made a huge difference in Isaac’s life!

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