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Bike Rally!

During February, we have celebrated children in our foster care program and shared how foster care is about family. This month, the children in our Sanmenxia foster care program in Henan got to experience a very special first with their foster families.

Seward bike3 2.16

It all started with a mention from our foster care manager that the older boys were longingly watching children in their neighborhood ride bicycles. Oh, how they hoped to someday have a bike of their own!

Bobby bike 2.16Bobby

Right before Chinese New Year, our older boys Bobby, Daniel, Shane, Erik & Seward all went to the SWI with their foster parents to get a very special gift…

A new bike of their very own! Their joy and excitement shine through in these pictures!

Daniel bike 2.16Daniel

Shane bike 2.16Shane

Erik bike 2.16Erik

Seward bike2 2.16Seward

Through riding these bikes, the boys will gain strength in their legs and coordination. For children such as Shane who has cerebral palsy, this bike will also teach him about balance and increase his confidence. Their foster parents will now handle the important task of teaching them how to ride their bikes.

The girls of Sanmenxia foster care may be younger than the boys, but they got wheels, too!  Sue, Gerri, and Piper all received either trikes or scooters with a seat. These toys will also help increase the girls’ leg muscles and coordination. We are sure they will have lots of fun in the months to come!

Sue scooter 2.16Sue

Piper bike 2.16Piper

Gerri scooter 2.16Gerri

We are so grateful to our sponsors who made this special surprise possible and to our wonderful foster parents who will likely spend many hours outside encouraging and supervising our children as they learn to ride!

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