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Biking for Babies

I learned this week that two really funny men in the UK have decided to “cycle the length of Great Britain” (about 1000 miles) in order to help children in China. When I first clicked on their blog and started to read, I came to this hilarious line:

“It’s not that we are pathetic middle-aged losers desperately trying to cling to the vestiges of our long-vanished youth and vitality. Oh No! We are pathetic middle-aged losers with a mission! We are doing this to raise money for ‘Love Without Boundaries’!”

I cannot wait to follow along! Please bookmark their blog at

http://nickandlesterbigbikeride.blogspot.com/ I can pretty much promise you a smile on your face each day.

The “big bike ride” begins April 28th! Stay tuned! And to get you in the spirit, here are some of my favorite bike pictures from my visits to orphanages. There’s just something wonderful about hopping on a bike!

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