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Billy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Billy (who was featured in last week’s blog, “Billy’s Fight”), is a little boy in desperate need of help. He has only been on this earth for ten short weeks, and he has been through more than most people go through in a long lifetime. Billy was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF). ToF has at least four typical defects of the anatomy of the heart and Billy had a pretty serious case. He was sent to LWB’s Heartbridge Pediatric Unit with the hope he could grow a bit more before surgery, but he soon went into cardiac distress and we knew we had to move him for surgery immediately.

Billy was sent to a top-rated pediatric hospital in Shanghai to receive the best surgical care available. Billy made it through his surgery but, once again, went into distress during his recovery. He fought his way back but needed a ventilator to breathe. Last week we were told Billy was going into multiple-organ failure and the doctors were not hopeful. This news hit all of us hard, especially since these were the same doctors that didn’t give up hope with our little Marisol who was on a ventilator for almost two months this summer. If these wonderful doctors felt it was hopeless, we felt nearly sure we were going to lose him.

But, hope is a funny thing. It defies all logic and reason and shines light when it seems there is only darkness. Billy has HOPE! He is fighting for his life and he is WINNING! He opened his eyes and his liver and kidneys started to function again when we thought all was lost. Billy has been abandoned, pulled through cardiac distress TWICE, survived open heart surgery and multiple organ failure—and he is still here!

Billy’s medical bills are quite high and are rising every day that he is in the hospital. We would appreciate any and all help towards this little fighter’s medical expenses. To help Billy, please donate here.

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