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Birthdays for Boys

Several times on this blog we have profiled some of the young ladies in our teen program on their birthdays. Thanks to the support of some wonderful donors, we were able to allow each of the older teens in one Guangdong orphanage to go shopping on their birthday with 100 rmb (about $13 US) and pick anything they would like on their special day.

Recently it was three boys’ turn. We wanted to share their birthday list as it was quite different from the young ladies! Here are some of the items the boys chose. I think we have a theme going, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 I think it is fair to say that if you want to donate items for the older boys in an orphanage…think SPORT.
sport bottle 6.9 rmb
paper handkerchief 5 rmb
watch 46.8 rmb
wristband 8.9 rmb
sport tool 11.9 rmb
sport bag 39.9 rmb
better sport tool 22.9 rmb
sport safeguard 59.9 rmb

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