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Blaise: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Sweet little Blaise from the Fujian Healing Home is in the hospital once again with pneumonia, and he is very sick. He was also hospitalized in January with pneumonia and bronchitis. This poor little guy has been having a rough time the last few months!

Blaise was one of the first babies to arrive at FHH when it opened this fall. We had intended to have his lip repaired during the October cleft surgery trip, but he was just too tiny and weak to be able to have surgery. In the top photo, you can see Blaise on the day he arrived.

After coming to FHH, Blaise started to gain weight as you can tell from his chubby cheeks in the photo above. Blaise was doing really well until his first bout of pneumonia. He was hospitalized for a week in December, and was then released back to the healing home. A few weeks later he was going to have his cleft lip repaired but he was still too congested and ended up back in the hospital with pneumonia again. He is still in the hospital and continues to have fevers. Please keep Blaise in your thoughts and prayers as he takes the time to heal.

If you would like to be a part of Blaise’s story of hope and healing, please click here.

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