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Blanket Delivery from Ireland for Harley and James

The story of conjoined twins Harley and James and their successful separation surgery has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world.  Several weeks ago, we told you the story of a group of Irish schoolgirls who made a blanket to auction off to raise funds for the twins, “SoRoZo: Nine-Year-Old Leaders of Hope“.  The person who won the quilt was none other than our very own Healing Homes Director, Julie Flynn Coleman, and she planned to donate the quilt to the boys.  Since their separation surgery was successful and Harley and James are now two separate boys, the schoolgirls decided to make another quilt so that they could each have their own.

Sorozo banner 2.16

This past weekend, LWB volunteer Sherri Cox took the twins’ parents and grandmother out to lunch in a restaurant in Shanghai to check on the boys and deliver the blankets to them.

Harley and Sherri 4.16Sherri with James

Sherri and her husband picked up the twins and their family and took them to lunch. It was the weekend before QingMingJie, the Tomb Sweeping Festival. The family says that they miss their home in Guizhou, especially during holidays like this one, but they are happy that their babies are able to receive such good medical care in Shanghai.

Harley James Sherri grandma 4.16

Harley James playing 4.16

After eating, Sherri gave the family the envelope of gifts from the Irish schoolgirls. The family enjoyed seeing the stamp and imagining how far this package had come.

Harley James blanket package2 4.16

The first item that Grandma took out of the package was a “Born Lucky” onesie with a very special Irish shamrock on the front!

Harley born lucky 4.16

Next, they opened the rest of the package. The family was surprised and absolutely delighted with all the gifts, but especially with the beautifully knitted blankets!

Harley James blankets2 4.16

Sherri translated the sentiments in the card for the family and then described the path that the blankets took to arrive in Shanghai…from one blanket being knitted and raffled off to raise money for the surgery, to Julie winning it and deciding to donate it to the twins, to the girls deciding that TWO separate babies needed TWO separate blankets.

Harley James blankets

The family was extremely touched and expressed their appreciation to these thoughtful schoolgirls who live so far from them, but whose hearts are so very near.

These gifts mean so much to them and will always be a treasured reminder that many people from distant places cared for their family.

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