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Blenders for Babies: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

Transitioning babies from formula to solid foods can be tricky! Unfamiliar tastes and textures can be challenging to a baby like Carlos.


To initiate the process, LWB provides fortified infant cereal. The cereal, made up in formula, provides a healthy introduction to solid foods. Once the child gets comfortable swallowing runny cereal, then the family can gradually introduce pureed vegetables and fruits.


To facilitate the preparation of solid foods into purees that are manageable to new eaters, we want to provide blenders to our foster families.

hand food blender

This tool will allow families to blend foods into varying degrees of thickness and smoothness depending on the needs of the child. It will also encourage families to introduce a greater variety of foods to their new solids eater, which will expand the types of nutrients available to the child.


For just $35, you can help babies like little Carlos transition from formula to solid foods and introduce children to a wider variety of foods — leading, hopefully, to better all-around nutrition!

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