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This Thursday, millions of people will sit down around a Thanksgiving table with their loved ones and give thanks for all the blessings that are in their lives. I think at the top of that list will be “family”, as the blessing of being able to share your life with those who love you can never be taken for granted. But what do we list next? I googled around a bit and learned that “good health” was usually second, and then many Americans count their homes, their cars, their jobs, and ‘technology’ as blessings as well.

How many things can you list? Most of us sure have a lot to be thankful for.

This past weekend I heard one of my favorite songs in church. I have mentioned it before, but I heard it again like it was the first time. It is called “The Blessing”, and the beginning verse says this:

Let it be said of us, while we walked among the living,
Let it be said of us, by the ones we leave behind,
Let it be said of us…..
That we lived to be a blessing for life.

The second line is the one that got to me. What will people say about us when we are no longer on this earth? What do we want our children to say about us when we are no longer with them? I can think of no higher compliment than the last line of that stanza. What an incredible thing it would be to have someone say about you, “he lived to be a blessing to this world”.

It made me realize that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to not only count all of our wonderful blessings that we have in our lives….but it is the perfect time to ask ourselves what we are doing to be a blessing to others.

Thank you to everyone who blesses the lives of those children who live each day as orphans. Thank you for blessing the lives of children who could never imagine a feast as wonderful as those we will be served this Thursday, and who have never been able to know the simple warmth and security that comes when you join hands around the table with your very own family.

This Thanksgiving….after counting all of the wonderful blessings that we have personally been given in our own lives, let us all choose to be a blessing to the world as well.

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