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Blossoming at Bethel

Many of our supporters might have heard of a wonderful charity called Bethel China.   Bethel is located outside of Beijing and is dedicated to helping orphaned children who have vision issues.  They are based on a small farm, with foster homes and a school on the same property. It is surrounded by countryside, where they grow their own vegetables and have chickens, goats, dogs, and horses.

walking home from school

Recently, Bethel contacted us to see if any of the children in our programs had vision issues who might benefit from their education and life skills opportunities.  We are very excited to report that three LWB children were accepted into their program!

Finian Bethel 2

Ronan, Finian, and Petra arrived at Bethel just a few weeks ago. Imagine the challenge of new surroundings for a child with limited vision, but also the excitement of learning new things and making new friends.  From this brand new photo of a smiling Ronan at Bethel, we think he looks happy and relaxed already!


While living at Bethel, Ronan, Finian and Petra will continue to learn to play, be cared for and loved, go to school, and eat plenty of nutritious meals and snacks. They will be encouraged to form healthy attachments with their caregivers, teachers, and other children. They will even learn some English!


Ronan (who has been featured on our blog in “Ronan, the Little Artist“) and Finian are among many other boys at Bethel who are over the age of four and who are looking for a family. Above the age of four, Bethel has a significant gender imbalance of 88% boys.  It is a sad reality that boys with visual impairments are often left waiting for a family for a very long time.

Finian at Bethel

Chloe Banks, Development Manager at Bethel China, explained, “Some of these boys are totally blind while some have low vision.  All of them are high-functioning and are very independent. They can wash and get dressed by themselves, walk to school, do some chores around the house, and most importantly, they love to play and are very affectionate. They don’t let their visual impairments get in the way of their education, relationships, or play time. They are amazing children. To adopt a child with a visual impairment may sound daunting, but half an hour in the presence of these kids will help to dismiss fears and concerns. There will be challenges, but we believe that all children with visual impairments can and deserve to live life to the fullest.”

That’s something to celebrate!  Petra seems to think so too!

Dang Chen Rui-1

Chloe added, “It gives me huge hope that each child has the potential to improve even more if they are adopted into a loving family.”

Please consider whether there is room in your heart and home for one of these beautiful children.  We will continue to keep you updated while Ronan, Finian and Petra wait for their forever families.  Visit Bethel China’s Facebook page or visit Bethel’s Pinterest Page to learn more about adopting a child with a visual impairment.


Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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