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Blue Popsicles

One of my daughter’s favorite treats is a Popsicle®–a BLUE Popsicle®. I think she enjoys the treat but the best part for her is a blue tongue, blue teeth, and blue lips! It is fun for her to have Popsicle®-blue lips, but, for a child with a heart defect, blue lips are a very bad sign.

Xuan, a beautiful 1 1/2-year-old boy, with a ToF (tetralogy of fallot) heart defect, not only has blue lips but his hands and feet are turning blue. Xuan needs our help, and he needs our help now.

A ToF defect means that there are really four different things wrong with this poor little guy’s heart.

  • First, he has a hole in his heart between the right and left ventricles.
  • Second, the vessel that goes from the heart to the lungs is narrowed, making it difficult for enough blood to get into the lungs, which means the lungs can’t get enough oxygen into the blood; this is why Xuan is turning blue.
  • Third, his aorta is enlarged and in the wrong place.
  • And, finally, the muscle wall in his right ventricle is thicker than normal, making this part of his heart work too hard.

The bad news is this surgery is expensive because the doctors have a lot of work to do. The great news for Xuan is that his heart can be repaired, and he can expect to live a long, healthy life. In addition to that, with a repaired heart, Xuan is more likely to find his forever family. My wish for Xuan is that someday soon he will be eating blue Popsicles®  with his family and laughing because he has a blue tongue, blue teeth, and blue lips!

To donate to Xuan’s life-saving heart surgery, please go to: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

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