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Bobby, Brimming with Courage


Five-year-old Bobby from our Sanmenxia foster care program is still “Brimming With Imagination” (see his past blog) — but he is also brimming with courage!  We hope you’ll take a moment to read about this wonderful boy who is waiting to be chosen by a family.

Recently, Bobby has become extremely courageous in trying new things. He has done something that none of the other neighborhood children thought he would be able to do:  he has conquered the monkey bars! Initially, Bobby was very hesitant to try the monkey bars but now, with his newfound courage, he does them with ease. His foster mother thinks he is so brave, and we do too!


Bobby’s foster mother told a story to our foster care manager that was just so sweet. She said one day she overheard Bobby talking to himself. He was saying, “Mother love me, my father, brother, elder sister also love me.” His foster mother was so touched to witness this, but she commented that she also hopes that Bobby could be adopted by a foreign family so he can have a chance of getting a better education and more opportunities to shine. She worries about Bobby’s future and especially his happiness as he gets older. One big worry for her is his language. As a result of his ear being deformed, his language has been delayed compared to other children his age. However, this does not appear to stop him from being quite the chatterbox!

bobby 6

Bobby seems to love receiving attention and will often “perform” for guests or his foster family. He likes to imitate things he sees on television or even his own foster parents! Bobby is quite silly and will often do things to make people laugh like wearing his sunglasses upside down or making a silly face.


Bobby is currently attending school at the special education school at his orphanage. He is a quick learner and he likes to memorize things such as numbers, his address, and short poems.  He is also taking a dance class at school and seems to find great joy in this as well!


Thanks to some of his wonderful foster care sponsors, Bobby received a special gift at Chinese New Year: Berenstain Bear books in Chinese! Ever since then, Bobby has developed a huge love for reading. He often brings out the books to show our foster care manager during their visit. His foster mother says she now reads books to him every night when he goes to bed.

bobby 1

Bobby seems like such a happy little boy who loves to be with people and playing with other children. We continue to wish that in these final months of 2014, Bobby will be matched with family who will help him grow his love of reading and celebrate his courage…and help Bobby continue to thrive in the knowledge that he is loved!

bobby 5

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    We have adopted 3 children and our home study is currently finished. But I’m 47 and my husband is 62 dose this kick us out of the adopt a boy from China program?