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Bobby, Brimming with Imagination

Creative and imaginative would be two words to describe Bobby, a handsome four-year-old boy in our Henan foster care program.


Bobby loves to participate in imaginative play with or without other children. He will use cars, pictures of animals, and dolls to set up his “house” and his pretend family where he is content to play for hours.


Bobby attends school at the neighborhood social welfare institute. Bobby is currently learning about manners. His foster parents are overjoyed that Bobby is now saying “please” and “thank you” regularly.

Bobby bundled

Bobby gets along well with other children. He is especially friendly with his neighbor, another little boy in our LWB foster care program named Daniel. The boys’ foster parents are neighbors and friends, and the two boys have grown close.

Bobby and Daniel

Bobby loves to sing along to songs, even if he does not know the words! His foster mother is impressed with the lyrics he comes up with if he does not know them. She says he is always thinking of something new! As sweet and kind as Bobby can be, he also likes to play jokes on his foster mother! Bobby’s foster mother says Bobby will often put his shoes on the wrong feet to see if she notices. He will walk around with the shoes on the wrong feet as if nothing is wrong.  When she goes to correct him, she always notices how Bobby has a certain mischievous smile on his face!


Our volunteer foster care team visited Bobby (and his friend Daniel) in October.  Here’ a quick video of him enjoying a rice cracker on Barbara’s lap!

Bobby has had successful heart surgery to treat congential heart disease. Bobby’s left ear is also malformed which has caused hearing loss in his left ear. Bobby does not let this stop him as he is active, talkative and full of joy!  Our wish for Bobby for 2014 is that the family Bobby imagines about when he plays will become real!

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